“We Are Your Friends”

My dear friend F. Lee has a new webcomic up at New Paradigm Studios called Justice Is Nocturnal.  Go check it out -- the art is stunning (like always) and it's a wonderful mythological twist on noir. I know a little of what's in store, and I can't wait for more!

“16 Years”

Today I read: . . . honesty is an art. The poor writer is dishonest without knowing it, and the fairly good one can be dishonest because he doesn’t know what to be honest about. -- Raymond Chandler, "The Simple Art of Murder"

“Cornflake Girl”

LiAnn sent me this amazing list of Raymond Chandler's unused titles.  You better believe I'm gonna make every effort to use them. Some of my favorites: Here It Is Saturday The Corpse Came In Person Stop Screaming -- It's Me No Third Act Expect all of these gems to appear from yours truly soon.