A Witch and Her Cat

And speaking of my one-eyed black cat, I tried on my Halloween costume the other day and Susan took some pictures, during which Daphne was unbearably cute, and then climbed on my back, which is her new favorite game.  Because I can't resist, a preview for your viewing pleasure:

In case you were wondering

This is why I'm on hiatus: Daphne insists on lying on top of my arms while I'm at the computer, making it effectively impossible to do anything at all.* * Not really.


Have I mentioned how beautiful my baby cat is? These days, her sweet face is a disturbing combination of adorable and gruesome, what with the stitches and the cone.  She's got a little bit of a Phantom of the Opera thing going on right now But she's still her sweet, lovely self.  Always, always.  My …


I am sitting in bed and Daphne is sitting on my lap, bumping into things with her cone and trying to nuzzle me through the plastic.  I love you, best cat.