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“Break It Up”

So over on Salon, Christopher Wallace has a piece about English detectives and asexuality.  I’m reading along, going, ‘Yes, yes, OK’ — anyone with two wits to rub together could figure out that Holmes was probably asexual — until I came to this:

It is a tricky thing, making of an abstemious protagonist a vivid personality. It is usually in the so-called base passions, the Tolstoyian temperaments, that a character reveals himself.

And then I stomped around for a while like Godzilla, crushing small cities underfoot.

I can understand where Wallace is coming from, insofar as romance is often the source of conflict and tension in many narratives, but to imply that a character can’t be well developed without a romantic object is just plain stupid.

Maybe it’s just the approach of Valentine’s Day that’s got me all wound up, but I am so absurdly sick of the assumption that one is somehow not a full person without a romantic partner.  Particularly if you’re a woman, you must be unfulfilled unless you’re paired off with someone.  I’m pretty comfortable as I am at the moment, and I’d like to think that my character does a pretty good job of revealing itself — quite vividly, thank you — all on its own.

The comments on the Salon article do a pretty good job of roundly critiquing Wallace on every point from the Holmes canon to sexual politics, but good grief.



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Today I read:

I am amazed that poets will continue to write about their divorces, even though there is currently a robot taking pictures of orange ethane lakes on Titan.

– Christian Bök, about his poetry-producing microbe the Xenotext, in “The Xenotext: creating the poetry bug” [via the Outlet]

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“Willow Waly”

Some of you will have noticed that I didn’t post yesterday.  I didn’t forget — we had a massive power outage last night.  Pretty much the entire city lost power.  We were in the movie theater when it happened, but others reported seeing some very strange lights as a result.  Here’s a videos:

Apparently a downed transmission line was the cause, but suffice it to say, it was a pretty bizarre evening here.

I spent today in Baltimore, wandering around the Baltimore Museum of Art and the shops on 36th St.  I think my favorite thing from my visit to the BMA was Susan Phillipsz’ sound installation “The Shallow Sea”:

When Susan was done at work, we went to 34th St to see the Christmas decorations.  It really feels like the holidays now!  Time to bake some cookies and sing some carols.

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