Some things some people have said about my writing.

  • “A surreal vignette in which the narrator “swelled up like a helium balloon” and floated into the sky to reminisce. It makes an arresting image, but no actual sense.” – Review of “Minnow” from Shimmer 14, Lois Tilton, Locus
  • “ “Sleep”, by Carlea Holl-Jensen. Takes “not dead, only sleeping” literally. Good.” — Review of LCRW 26, Kevin Riggle, free dissociation
  • “Carlea Holl-Jensen, who read a few pieces including a highly intelligent story written from the perspective of Charlotte Bronte’s unborn child” — Review of Nelly Reifler’s Barbes reading series, Diana, What I Read and Watched
  • “ “Sleep” by Carlea Holl-Johnson [sic] is a nicely-written short piece with its narrator promising to give someone a very nice sleep, but there’s a bit more to it then that.” – Review of LCRW 26, Sam Tomaino, SF Revu
  • Veronica Schanoes’s “Alice:  A Fantasia” and Carlea Holl-Jensen’s “Sleep” are essentially meditations, the first on the theme of the girl on whom Lewis Carroll based “Alice in Wonderland,” the second on death.” – Review of LCRW 26, Terry Weyna, Fantasy Literature
  • “ “Sleep” by Carlea Holl-Jensen is a short piece where a woman tells her friend Michelle that she will sing her into ritual sleep. I forget the word for it; it’s not a story, not a eulogy. It’s written to the friend in the first person, and speaks of long, healing sleep. A pretty piece that I can’t quite name.” — Review of LCRW 26, Alexandre Donald, The Portal
  • Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet 26 also contains work by Carlea Holl-Jensen.” — Review of LCRW 26, Keith Lawrence, Future Fire

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