Reading Recommendation: “Snow,” Shelley Jackson

This reading recommendation comes courtesy of LiAnn, who has impeccable taste and is forever suggesting the best stuff.

This one is particularly relevant, as we’re having yet more snow today: Shelley Jackson (author of Skin, a story in tattoos, among other awesome endeavors) is writing a story in the snow. She’s sharing it one word at a time over Instagram (weather permitting).

“Through a microscope one discovers that there are many kinds of snow: those made up of tiny paintings of shipwrecks in the style of Bonaventura Peeters, those made up of bowls of miniature wax fruit, very beautiful and realistically formed, except for the size; those made up of the fingernail clippings of babies; and those made up of the trimmed and tattooed scalps of shrews, used as money by certain native peoples of the southern Urals.”

— Shelley Jackson, “Snow

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