“White Fire”

Discovering that I can use find/replace to change all the double spaces after full stops in my document into single spaces may be one of the most revelatory moments of my life as a writer.

I don’t even want to begin to consider what this says about me.



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5 responses to ““White Fire”

  1. but whyyyy would you want to do that? 😦

    • hourofgold

      Hahah, because a single space after terminal punctuation is becoming the standard for publication, especially for internet publication, as much as I hate that fact. I have been hanging onto double spaces tooth and nail, but that seems to be the way it’s going.

  2. mdsuze

    and double spacing can be a pain when making lists or outlines or poetry

  3. Lee

    Dude, the find/replace feature is like…in the top ten list of my favorite things ever!

    Also, I swear—you didn’t used to use double spaces! I feel like it was only in the past year that I started reading things with double spaces. Am I making this up?!

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