Sunday Six

Six sentences for Sunday, December 8:

While the May Queen is in seclusion, the crowds begin to appear. Spiritual people make camp in the wild fields near the cliffs. Some pray; others make flower garlands, which they toss over the edge of the cliffs to prepare the May Queen’s way.  Tourists, too, flood the town. We have our share of school groups year-round, but the time between the equinox and May Day is always our busiest season. Stalls crop up on street corners selling candied violets and little slips of escarole filled with cheese and fruit[1], and teenage boys bored on holiday dare one another to try and steal a glimpse of the May Queen through a window, though they never succeed.

[1] Chicory coffee, made from the endive’s roots, is also a seasonal local specialty, and their blue flowers are often worn pinned to one’s lapel during the season

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