Reading Recommendation: NANO Fiction Volume 7.1

My dear friend LiAnn Yim has a piece of flash fiction out in NANO Fiction volume 7.1!

LiAnn’s writing never fails to delight and amaze me, and I am so, so excited to see this in print. Besides being my co-editor on The Golden Key and my own ideal reader, she’s also the sharp eye behind Lightning Cake. Congratulations, LiAnn!

Go order a copy now and check out “The River of Discard”! Apparently, they sell out fast so make sure you get your copy before they run out!



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2 responses to “Reading Recommendation: NANO Fiction Volume 7.1

  1. Lee

    Thank you, Carlea! I don’t know what to say, other than—thank god neither one of us held back from saying, “Not to weird you out, but…”

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