Post-Halloween Round Up

If, like me, you’re mourning the passing of October, here are some spooky links to keep the Halloween spirit alive:

12 two-sentence horror stories, via Salon

Including not one but two iterations of “The Licked Hand“!

Monsters of Modern Literature, via Vol. 1 Brooklyn

Featuring Sheila Yeti and Louise Eldritch, among others.

10 Scary Stories for Grown-Ups, via The Outlet

Stories selected from Electric Literature‘s Recommended Reading, including work from Karen Russell and Mary Gaitskill

The 13 scariest pieces of classical music, via Limelight

Among them, one of my favorites, Rachmaninoff’s “Isle of the Dead”

Interview with Kelly Link on The Vampire Diaries and the vampire as metaphor, via Gigantic

Comments like this are part of the reason why Kelly Link is one of my favorite writers: “I’m no longer watching television in which middle-aged men figure out how to be men. I’d rather watch shows about teenaged girls figuring out what it means to be a monster.”

12 Books to Creep Yourself Out With, via the Hairpin

Including the aforementioned Kelly Link and a childhood favorite of mine, Louis Sachar’s Sideways Tales from Wayside School.

Mary Shelley’s drafts of Frankenstein, via Open Culture

Mary Shelley’s hand-written drafts of Frankenstein are available online in one place for the first time at the Shelley-Godwin Archive.

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