Belated Sunday Six

I neglected to post my six sentences last Sunday, but here they are, rather late and perhaps a little worse for wear, six sentences for Sunday, October 6:

We talk in code.  In homeroom, during study hall, on the bus, we use Caesar and Atbash, simple ciphers. Last summer, when your parents got divorced and sent you to sleep away camp, you mailed me letters that began, Uryyb, Juvfxrl, and I traced the deep grooves of your pencil marks over and over again. We taught ourselves Morse code and the NATO spelling alphabet, repeating the letters back and forth to one another until we’d learned them by heart, •—, —•••, —•—•, like that. On the telephone we communicate by tapping our fingertips against the receivers — be careful, someone might be listening. Dit-dah, dit-dah-dah.

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