Here is Patti Smith improvising on Virginia Woolf's The Waves, on the anniversary of Woolf's death.  You're welcome. [Via OpenCulture]


I recently read a bit of Stephen King's critique of the adverb, and while I take his point, also . . . no. Says King: Consider the sentence He closed the door firmly. It’s by no means a terrible sentence (at least it’s got an active verb going for it), but ask yourself if firmly …

“Let The Day Begin”

Today I read: Well, we had all these children out planting trees, see, because we figured that ... that was part of their education, to see how, you know, the root systems ... and also the sense of responsibility, taking care of things, being individually responsible. You know what I mean. And the trees all …


The Tree of Life, oh my goodness!  My only regret is that I couldn't see it in IMAX, because forget action fantasy movies, this is one film that deserves to be seen on the big screen.