“Love or Prison”

I may have missed Karen Russell's reading today, but luckily Recommended Reading has a story from her up online: The Graveless Doll of Eric Mutis I can't wait to read this when I am not madly scrambling to get work done.

“Black Guitar”

Rather a hectic day, but it had its payoffs. And today's words of wisdom: "The reason life is so strange is that so often people have no choice." --William Mawxell, So Long, See You Tomorrow

“New Alphabet”

Today I read: There was once a woman called Right Velmy, who lived in a small, crooked house that sat upon a hill. Each morning, a fog swirled up the hill where her crooked house sat. The fog swirled as high as the windows and it tapped at them. This woman had eyes like candle …

“In A Landscape”

I'm really delighted to be able to say that I have a piece of flash fiction up on Lightning Cake, LiAnn's newly minted flash zine.  She's curating and illustrating short-short stories of a speculative bent and I'm so excited to see what's up next! You can check out my piece, "Teeth," here.