“Breathing Underwater”

My friend Alexandra posted this on Facebook, and I now pass it on to you: famous writers and their pets. I love this photo of Flannery O'Connor and her peacock, but Mark Twain and his kitten might be the cutest.


Today I read a marvelous poem by William Gibson, "Agrippa". Really lovely piece with an interesting history: It was published in 1992 as a disk that ran a self-destructing program.  You could watch it once and only once, and so the poem was "bootlegged" and circulated on bulletin boards, which is how many people first …


As if io9 knew I might still be feeling self-conscious about all my writerly inadequacies, they posted some criteria to help determine whether your novel is worth salvaging. Yeah . . . I might be ticking a number of these boxes on some projects.

“Let Me Down Easy”

I've gotten a couple of rejections this week -- certainly nothing unusual. It's just a fact of the writing life that most submissions are rejected.  I ran the numbers just now, and I have a 5% acceptance rate (well, 4.59, but I'm rounding up).  So, statistically speaking, I can expect rejection 95% of the time.  …